Milly is illy

19 Oct

IM ILL! ;_;

owwwwww it hurts

;_; i have the flu. Good points are i got to miss a few days of college and work this weekend, and i thought i could spend all day playing FFXI. Bad points are; all my body will do is sleep! I can barely stay awake, and when i am up im constantly dizzy, which kinda scrapped my plan to play ffxi constantly as its hard to playwhen it looks like the camera is spinning in a circle… but… i have nothing better to do so l’ll die trying.

Before i jump into a post about Vana’Diel, wordpress?! yup im a traitor blogger, you had me when i was young and didnt know what i wanted, and now i see that im better then u, wordpress knows what i want! hes much more dynamic in all areas and looks ten times better aswell!Wordpress is so good it even let me yoink all my old posts from blogger, pretty cool ne?

Ya know i just took a bath inbetween this line and the last, i feel so much better :)

so now the ff talk can begin.

Good news today, i made 16k by clicking a few buttons. Last nite Spankey who is a 69 Rdm tried Maat, me and Barthezz lent him some of our gear to give him the best chance, and seeing him in truely pimped gear made me think i should spend some gil on my red mage. Id been wondering on how to improve on my gear and the only thing i could think of was Wood Gauntlets, so on a whim i bought some. Their stats are:






oh, how long id waited to wear these, made me feel cool, so cool….. mmmmmm

though after 2 mins with them on i compared them to my errants cuffs i had whichs sports these stats:





wait, they give me one less int? lol that sucks. ah well i have more dex, and if i ever get drk to 65 i could maybe wear them, i dunno….

i was sure the wood thingys gave me more int… and now that i look at the stats, im only getting 35 more mp :/

35 more mp and one less int for 400k more then what errant costs… that sucks. Up on the AH they went! (at a slightly higher price then bought for)



they cost 4k to put back up on the AH so thats a 16k profit for no work at all ;P That was a long story for such a little outcome, sorry lol

Back to Spankey Vs Maat, he lost D: Spankey is a good rdm in party, much better then most, but can falter abit in things like BCNMs, im not sure why. It was only his 2nd try tho, it took me 3 tries to win and 4 times for Barthezz. My money is on 5 for Spankey ^^; I dont think its helping him that he has mine and barthezzs ideas for how to win the fight hitting him in the face, as Barth seemed to do the fight very differently to me, seems like he chainspelled at the start. I kited maat untill i needed to convert then whacked out the chainspell. Id say my way is the better way (naturally) as its slower and gives u time to think, but Spankey never got the hang of kiting so im not sure what advice to give tbh. l’ll keep u posted!

Ive been desperate to lvl rdm, i want 75! And i need to make up for the 7k exp i lost in dynamis last week >.> but i cant get stuck in a party like that since i don’t feel well, so today i settled for leveling corsair with Chibimoon and Kyle. We were in Qufim, and people are stupid. (i was writing an explanation about the other party’s around us, but its was long, and people are stupid sums it up). i didn’t level up because i hadn’t used my band, but im only 200exp to level 19 now, woo!

What else has been going on? HALLOWEEN EVENT! its the same as last year but what the hey, i still like it :D


Me and my sister went to the designated Halloween city for the event: Sandy. Nowhere else really has the Halloween feel does it? We were messing around, im trying to get a treat staff II because im so jealous that Chibimoon used to have one on Chibimoon, they’re so handy! no luck so far but l’ll keep trading till i get one! we were also trying to get the pitchforks because i want the +1 version to use with my Mandy hat, but there seems to be a glitch. Chibimoon couldn’t get a pitch fork when we were in costume, i thought it may be because i had one in my MH back in Basty, so i got it and dropped it, we tried again still didnt get one, then tried again in a diffo zone and then only she got one?! so we tried again and i still cant get one, whats with that? We just gave up but i think we’ll try again, better work!

After the event i pl’d her a little, trying to get her to level ninja so she can join in with the LS more and we can have fun >.<! shes finally got 12 and Utsusemi ~yay. (She had to stop using her 60blm as me and her were on the same account, now she has a new one shes obviously gotta level up from scratch)

that’s all for today! Dynamis tomorrow, l’ll post and tell you how great it was to loose 7k exp.

Red Mage Rules: Learn how to kite! its fraking invaluable! Using Grav, then sleeping or binding the mob may seem simple but make sure u can do it well or you’re not a completely good rdm!

Playtime: 91 Days, 16 Hours, 10 Minutes and 32 Seconds


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