SM Vs SM: Brenner

17 Oct

Contenders ready! Gladiators ready! 3, 2, 1

24 hours earlier…

Im not sure how we got onto the topic, but me, Chibimoon and lee started talking about PvP in ffxi, and how we’d never tried it. Id read about Brenner and remember thinking it was complicated so i looked it up to show lee and Chibimoon, read it and…. hmm… seems pretty simple… u just need to book a time and a cap?

before i knew it we’d booked a slot for the next day, the road to SMs first brenner was underway :O! Set for 8pm

The next day when i got on i was desprate to try it, and with Spankey complaining he was bored we went in for a tester session before hand. Rdm 69 Vs Rdm 73! We had no idea how to play the game, and the Postens kept killing us very fast. Eventually we found out there was an area with none of them and got fighting!

I found out that its very hard for two Rdms to kill eachother, you just counter with the same attack! By the time we got into this fight subjobs were off (Spankey had come as rdm/nin and i was rdm/drk) and decided not to silence eachother so it was just a battle of MP to see who would win ^^; and me being a few lvls higher i killed him lol. It was still really fun and i wanna battle him again!

Later Ami and Ozrox joined me for some fun ;P i was desprate to bray Ozrox, so i went head to head with him, hes 2 lvls higher and has merits but still thought id win. My plan was basically to kite him, but i found that Bind and Sleep are weakend quite drastically in Brenner, and they’d wear off before i could get a damaging spell out )’: Also the new 2 handed weapon update just about doubled the dmg of 2 handed weapons, and i was being hit for 150 dmg. I prompedly died, which makes me a sad panda, how can they nerf enfeebs! mages dont stand a chance!

l’ll figure out a way to beat him…



[Course i occasionally turned on ami :P]

8pm! Time for ls blood fest! we all gather together, few people afk but what ya gonna do, we all wanna get in, so off we gooooooooo


i said, off we gooooooo




What does it mean occupied?! i booked it! awwww man, ur ment to confirm 15 mins before you start?! damn…



but this story has a happy ending :D thankfully the two people that had gone in came out after about 40 mins to let us go in, which was really nice of them. i cant remember their names but thank you!

we got in with an hour left, but the cap was stuck at 75, and we had organised a 30 cap so that the ls’s lower level members could join. With it stuck at a 75 cap we had members ranging from 30 to 75, the plan? FIGHT ANYWAY!

Me (73rdm) Chibimoon (30mnk) and Ozrox (75war) Vs Amith (65drk) Lee (30blu) Munch (60 Pld) and Maruk (73sam)

It was great fun, and thank god i could sleepga them all lol. Seeing a 30mnk getting pummelled by a lvl 75 is very funny lol, a mad free for all. i really wanna try this set up again.

We did this for about 30 mins, and then claimed the next time slot and made sure it was a 30 cap. Kyle and Fheonix~

We switched teams every match and set them up pretty randomly, except i made sure me and fhe were on opposite teams for fairness. It was the most fun ive ever had on the game! Just about everyone said it was the best time they’be had on FF, (it can be very hard to have fun on ff as im sure you all know.) We didn’t know how to play at first but got the hang of it after the first 2 matches. I died alot, but theres no penalty for that so it was ok, Stonga was very handy :P and when i wasn’t silenced by Fhe i got to kick a little ass.

[killed by my own sister ;_; and damn your silence Fheonix!]

We got pretty competitive in our 3rd and final match lol, but thats to be expected with us lot. I think Griffin won every time, kinda spooky (as team members were switched around every match.)

I’m thinking this becomes a weekly LS event, every Monday or Tuesday as that seems to be when people are free. I think we all need a break from the monotony that FF sometimes gets, and this provides a change of routine, team building for the ls and even an outlet for some anger against other members lol.

[Ls Piccy!]

Only problem is picking the level cap, I’m sure its more fun with a higher cap but that could exclude some members, need to think about that.

RedMage Rules: None today
Playtime: 90 Days, 21 Hours, o Minutes and 2 Seconds


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