8, 9, 10?

14 Oct
Bastok Mission 8+ spoilers ahead

Today was Rank day, Millions has been rank 7 for quite a while now and people are begining to laugh at him D: Why was today rank day you ask? Remember Barthezz is back? And he always has a plan to do 10 10hr things in 10 mins? well his plan today was to get Rank 10 for Mill and him.

[Yor cant see it clearly in this picture, but the photo in that frame is of prince Trion. Phrehaps a storyline for the new expansion?]

The adventure began! And entrusted with the Nations secrets and the weight of calming the escalating racial tensions between Galka and Hume (both of which millions hates) the gang set out. (but i forgot to take screenshots <..>) Millions headed to Ro’Mare to defeat two Giants, which lead to a mission to rescue a captured citizen alledged to have a letter with information retaining to the Galkan people. The team tracked down the citizen and went for the rescue, returning him to the Republic. The reward for our efforts?

[Woot! and 60k ;P]

Now it was time for the story to heat up. The letter gained from the last mission instructed Mill to head into the depths of the Quicksand caves to find a statue of the first talekeeper, it hinted that the dark knight Zied may be there with the truth about the galkas past…

[Annaliese, myself, Amith and Barthezz]

Its was a long journey, but following the letters instructions Mill and co. finally found an ancient statue of the talekeeper :O

When WHAMMY! 3 badass NMs poped out of nowhere! will our heroes survive?

course they did, u were expecting them to die again weren’t u? The mobs were actually pretty easy, i DC’d for about 5 mins and got back + was invited to the party just as the last mob died, good timing ^^;

Zied appeared as suspected and then told the team to meet him somewhere else… he must have time to waste..

..but Mill is a patient RedMage and up for anything, so on his birdie he got!

…and found Zied again. This time Zied unveiled the ‘secrets’ of the galka through a series of pretty pictures. However he’s been in that cave too long because everyone knows his ‘secrets’.

Upon return to Bastok tensions had grown and a galka uprising was afoot, however while Millions stood and did nothing (he kinda wanted to see the galka mass the humes,) the Galka Talekeeper emerged and calmed the galka whith his sweet words of lurve.

[Woot and 80k ;P]

Next the Millions was orderd to again head towards the galkan homeland to defeat rogue Oozes. This would be an epic battle, and many friends (and many more strangers) would have to band together to defeat this foe.

Will our heroes survive?

ok… this ONE time we died…

The good thing is monsters don’t wait around 60 mins to see your body HP. Silly monsters, so after a few mins we were up and ready to try again! and we kicked ass!

Its the climax! The truth about the Shadow Lord was unveiled to Volker – his father had killed Cornelia and set in motion the events leading up to the Shadow Lord, it became clear that Zied wanted to settle a score. There was only one thing left to do, head to the shadow palace, abandoned for 20 years now, and put an end to Zieds misery.

Millions and the others busted through the castle and made their way to the top, heading for the throne room. Inside they met Zied, and words could work no longer. Millions had to fight it out. (with some awsome music playing!)

[OOO looks cool]

BUT! Volker had followed the team! luckily it was to fight on Mills side.

WHAM, BAM, ooops. Mill let volker die (i was in charge of watching his Hp, while he was at full i cast refresh on myself and he died in that time!) … now the Humes will surely destory the Galka. ‘Yippee’ thought Mill! but, the rest of the team weren’t so happy and wanted to fix things. We went out the door and came back in, Zieds memory isn’t what it used to be because he acted like the fight 5 mins ago never happened. Mill got down to business again and Volker appeared! wait… the gang just killed him didn’t they? odd…

This time his somehow re-animated corpse survived, and Zied, Volker and Mill all learnt to get along. Hand in hand the crew returned to Bastok, while Zied sank back into the shadows of the caves to become even more insane…

Millions reward was the highest rank his country had to offer, a flag…. and 100k :D

The missions ended with a soliloquy buy Cornelia asking: ‘do you love your country?’ it was a lovely way to end the missions *^_^* and yes i do Cornelia.

[The End]

In all the bastok story was alot better then i expected (when the missions actually concentrated on the story), it had nice lil morals and made me think ^^ ty ffxi, i feel like ive finished something for once!

All in a days work.

ty to Barth and Amith for helping, and Annaliese, a whm who stayed with us all the way through.

RedMage Rules: Always put on full AF for cut scenes, it makes for mint screenies.
Playtime: 90 Days, 0 Hours, 0 Minutes and 3 Seconds


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