‘I’m Home.’ ‘Welcome Home.’

10 Oct

BAM! Thats right Vana’diel, lock up ur daughters (and sons) cu… (wait, lock up your pets too) cuz hes back and roaming the streets of Bastok, its Millions Knives.

Over the past few weeks when i could grab the net:

One of the misc things that happened over the hols when i got a chance to get on FFXI was the Petrifying Pair BCNM with Overlord and Ozrox, from which i got some leaping boots, so now im back up on the AH they go!

hm mm, 270k… is that good? been gone so long I’ve forgot everything!

Anyway, up they go at 300k! I’ll tell u when they sell (i sold them in ahty by mistake -.- 6k to put up)

Then while i had the net at my friends me and my sister ventured to get our next world pass item, and yippee! Datsuki got her level cap hat and i got a Mandragora Beret :D it was so amazing i had to keep Datsuki from falling back with shock and envy.

And you all know what this means right? yup, every 24hrs your bound to see this!:

Next up was an NM for Ozrox to get some boots~ we went to Newton and won, however i let someone die ): i feel so rusty after my time off. Oz also owes me 15k from that!

Meanwhile on the Linkshell, who should pop up but Barthezz. And as always he had a plan to cram ten ten hour activities into thirty minutes. And off i go with him!

Todays agenda was rank 7 for Barthezz. Maruk and Spankey also needed rank 7 so decided to hop on for the ride. Amith and Ozrox came to help <3.

Anyway, kicked the mobs ass! Gratz Bathezz and Spankey!

The next day…

I was here again, and we made sure maruk had done 6-1 lol

there was a fight and we won again in short, what did you expect? …you expected me to die didn’t you…

That makes up for the last few months news, see you soon!

P.S Anyone who knows where the title post for this blog is from post and say and you will receive points and maybe a prize!

Red Mage Rules? Keep playing Red Mage or you may loose ur 1337 skillz.

Playtime: 89 Days, 16 Hours, 18 Minutes and 46 Secs


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