The Road to 73 – Polar Opposite Partys

14 Aug

Heyo :D

Today was SMs prommy-Holla event, i was not on the attendee list but from what i hear they got the boss down to 1% then wiped due to people not bringing the proper items D: Better luck next time guys!

In news of my day – that started at 1am, where i was still in the Meadows admiring the view & on msn,

[its cool you can see dragons flying around the city]

mmmm pretty…. when then….


4 IT+ fomors makes for one very sad panda. Perhaps the panda should have casted sneak, but he just wanted to know if they’d aggro without him moving.

Well yes, yes they do.

They agro quite violantly actually.

They really dont like people making noises.

Anyway, the panda used Reraise and went to bed.

When i woke up, i went on FFXI again. Yes yes, i know you’re shocked but sometimes i just got against the grain! Kroeger was talking about soloing his drg as he doesnt like partys, and suddenly i got thinking how great partys are, and i really wanted to get one. (i really dont know what came over me)

So i got the flag out of my gobbie back, climbed to the top of the metalworks and hung it out. 2 seconds later i got an invite. woot.

We got together in AhtUrghan and went to Mamool… ¬_¬;; not that i hate it there, but it sucks there, and i hate it. when we got to Mamool a lvl 75 merit pt was rocking and kept taking all, and i mean all the mobs. Good for them ^^


So we needed to move~! but where!? I know what your thinking! Surely not to Caedarva Mire, but yes! we went there :O

The leader was kind of weak and this had taken ages as he wouldnt make a decision, but in the end we went Nyzul Isle way and thru the ruins. i like the whiiiiirly sounds of the teles in there :D

there are two camps at the entrance to Caedarva Mire from Nyzul, both with partys chaining like mad and taking all the mobs. Good for them ^^


Well never fear, theres a camp deeper in that way, so on a voyage we set! And JESUS CHRIST that one scary ass voyage lol. Fields of Imps that are true sight and Soulflayer, that are True sight, True Sound, Agro Magic and JA’s. They have very homed senses, Good for them ^^


lol anyway, it was shit scary getting to camp and i did scream quite a few times. But in the end we got there~!

[The death camp]

The camp had a few problems at the camp, mainly the Imps poping all over it lol. We got agro, link, and ass raped quite alot, the smn set carby on them tho and all was fine, well..

people just kept dieing…

cuz the smn was… idk what they were doing, didnt seem like much. ie. they cured occasionally, silena’d occasionally, pulled occasionally, rested occasionally and just stood with carby occasionally. And basically left it all to me, and i kept running out of mp. The moral is that i *dubbed over voice* strongly disliked them *end dubbed voice*, and again i scream’d a few times ^.^ all in good fun tho. I didnt want to leave and be ‘that rdm’ and i couldnt think how to word my disaproval at what they were doing as they we’re so eratic i couldnt pick a point to fault as they’d do that point next fight, then not for a while, then they would etc.

Ultimately it ended with:

[Epic death]

Everyone was friendly and really tried to make it work, but the smn kept dying and so did the Nin, and after a Soulflayer killed us all we decided to call it a day on the worst party since lvl 68 :P. I RR and chainspelled the smn up, which was hard when Imps swarm your camp @_@ When we’d got everyone up and ran to Mea.

[# And i ra~an, i ran so far awa~ay#]

As soon as i disbanded i got 3 invites (found out they were all from the same party, but hey :P), and from Ayden i was assured their party would be great. so i went, and had a good feeling!

[lolz they want my uber skillz – u can actually see me saying goodbye to the pt i just left at the top]

We went to Mamool, i dont like it there like i said but i had a good feeling!!!!!!

and by god did that good feeling stay, it was the best party since level 68! Everything went smooth, everyone knew their job well. I was in love, we even fought a Wyvern ive nicknamed Skoffy-poo.

[An even more epic death!]

we died in the prosess of fighting it, the important thing was i got the refresh in before the KO.

Raise III tho so loldeath :P yay for high lvl partys

We fought one again later after the Nin left and we kicked its ass. We’d got a pld and i never had to cure him! Good french galka man.

25k exp later? Sanction wore then, so i guess three hours or more had past, and DING! lvl 73 Rdm

o00OOOoooh i cant wait to refresh for 38047exp!!

Before i left i was offered an ls from the pt members, i know i wont be on it much as im 24/7 on SM, but i took it anyway as they were nice people and id like to see how it goes.

The Night rounded of with a lil pl for Maruk which i offerd cuz hes awsome! it was so he could get Cursed Sphere, which he got. Gratz dood!

See ya 2moz~ – Dont forget to leave a comment!

Red Mage Rules, Number 3:

The Party really needs you, so try to stick with it as much as u can! but things dont often get better, and u can get an invite within 2 mins of leaving a party >.> just saying…

Play Time: 88 Days, 5 Hours, 3 Mins and 34 Secs


2 Responses to “The Road to 73 – Polar Opposite Partys”

  1. Ozrox September 1, 2007 at 10:00 am #

    lol-ing @ Skoffy-poo, i love fighting them idk why, but they fun.

    usually cos they can kill ya in like… 3-4 hits or less and its fun being in a tricky situation and trying to come out on top ^-^

    quite an epic post, keep them coming dude

  2. Millions Knives September 7, 2007 at 7:56 pm #

    lol ty oz, me and u will have to go own a few, or atleast get some to be our pets eh?

    ty for posting a comment! <3

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