The Red Mage Rules

13 Aug

Well its been a year and a half, but i feel its time to finnaly start a blog so me and you can look back on the fun times in Vana’diel, cuz i find doing that is what makes me play ffxi. I also think it will be funny to keep a log of my play time and see how it goes up day by day, and ofcourse i will add a new rule of how to rule on Rdm whenever i find one! I know what you’re thinking, the play on words Red Mage Rules will never get old!

Little about Bastokian life so far:
Suicide Moogles is my linkshell which was created early 06 by me and kyle for a place to hate moogles. theres been alot of drama in it over the years but, all my close friends from the game, and a few from irl are in it and i love it! Glad to say that due to it ive made some rly good friends and even gone hundreds miles to meet them :D

At this time im a 72 Red Mage who likes to sub white mage, an age old habit ever since barthezz told me never to pt as /blm (Barthezz was my mentor back when i started). I tend to be a confident Red Mage and like to think i never die (like to think). i have a lil fling with Dark Knight which is at 54 but what i secretly want out of life is to be a rouge Corsair, but im too poor ; ;

Prommy Mea starts tonite, l’ll tell you how it goes!

Red Mage Rules, number 1:
1. Keep the look Snazzy, make sure your feather is clean and your gear matches! – this comes from me switching gear around town as i hate to look bad, and imo if u look bad ur a bad rdm!

Play time: 87 Days, 13 Hours, 29 Mins, 16 secs


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