The Isle Of Forgotten Saints

13 Aug

Dum Dum Dum, the long awaited, debated and anticipated Suicide Moogles Promyvion-mea event.


The line up was: Me (whm), Ozrox (war), Spen (war), Amith (smn), Kyle (Rng) and finally Lee (blm). Chibimoon was set to be a monk but needed to go to work as shed been away at AmiCon during the weekend, so Kyle stepped in to take her place.


The day started at around 3pm, long before the 6:30pm deadline when farming rocked on in the newly nerfed prommy-mea. This was Lees first time ever in a prommy so the farming was slighly a gimic so he could see inside and marvel before the mission ^^; as u can now just buy the anima items from the AH due to the recent update rather then go farm them. But as tesco say, every little helps!


Our new member and friend of Amith, Kroeger (drg) also showed up to help out and lvl his sword skill. i was rdm for this, best for farming imo, i can tank these and dd well~


Ended up with a healthy stack of recollections, no pain but what can ya do eh? plus i got a somber so that was 8k in the bag ;P
At 5pm the prommy grew close and every1 went to eat. we all flew over to Jeuno where i finally had a good excuse to spend time un Ru’Lude <3
For the first time ever we were ready early :O and set off at 6:31, not bad eh? just shows whining pays off.
i was pretty nervous as a wipe after so much planning on mine and Oz’s part would have blew, and i realy thought the ‘OMG PROMMY NERF’ shouts were exagerated.

(@ the pic above, dont we just look like the dreamers ls ;P maybe i should have shouted ‘IM GOING TO DISBAND THE LS’)


But, we got in and it was easy as pie! plain sailing up to the 4th floor, and that was with agro! No duds on the MR’s too. On the 4th floor no-one knew the way to go, and got snagged with being surrounded by mobs, Oz ran and linked them all after a few mins of waiting around and he didnt even get scratched~ so we got inside the quickest ive ever done it. nerf ftw?

The usual taking pics, explaining rules and trying to get ppl to listen went on, then amith noticed it was lightsday. . . 22:34 on Lightsday >.<

So in we rushed with me hoping we could do it before darksday (that=silly). By the time we’d buffed it was something like 2 hrs into darks day lol.

On we went! With me forgeting to take pics >.>!

everything went very smooth indeed, spen get the Hp reduced to 5% move a few times but we were all good, the DD 2hr’d at 40-50%. ‘o.O that must be one big nerf’ i started to think when….

The thing went fraking mental! I think Oz KO’d first, and the mob spammed AOE attacks, ppl droped like flys. i tried to use my phyco anima, as we had them comming out of our ears and kinda forgot about them but i belive i fail’d due to knockback, so i tried to cure and i swear it just didnt work o.O Ami went to Astral Flow when Millions hit his head on the wall in the next knockback AOE as he then KO’d along with Spen. It was looking suddenly pretty bleak when our ranger in shining armour hit the mob between the eyes with an arrow. (and bravo to kyle for his mint dmg throughout the nite, one shoting strays was cool)
SO WE WON! ta da!

A nice CS followd where Millions was unconcious, which was done very well as it followed thru even out of the cs -.-

But never the less, Lufaise Meadows, yay! Ami came to raise me and off i went to Tavnazia~


well, there was a slight hitch, i died again…

and again…

…em…Well they can take my HP but not my will power! Besides was a great view. Amith got me back up and we wonderd round with some nice new music to listen too. All the fomors round there made me quite sad D: thinking in context of the story. poor people, while here i am safely in Bastok typing this.


Anyway, we got there in the end! and again, new music! wow they went all out. the city seems nice, made me sad again talking to the people there, but i can warp and forget all their tears.
And of course, i took pride in taking in this view for the first time:

So a sucsess of a day. The prommy was easier then i expected, i dont know if this was due to it being mea (the easiest) or the prommy nerf. id like to think it was due to our teamwork/experience and nothing to do with the nerf, as it feels slighty less rewarding thinking u won because of a nerf :/ but im not sure.
either way im glad it worked out. and tyvm for all the people that came who didnt need it and especially to oz who helped with sratergy and items.
gl with holla tomorrow SM!
(sorry spell check didnt work on this post)
Red Mage Rules, Number 2:
Remember you can tank! alot better then most other jobs too. keep ur refresh, haste, aquivail, spikes, phalanx, SS, blink, prot+shell up & shake that Fast Cast and show the critics who’s boss! Full Af makes u a tanking machine. – this comes from my constant struggle to get people to belive this, that came up in the prommy farming today.


Play time: 87 Days, 21 Hours, 47 Mins and 25 Secs

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